Camp Purple Tree

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Who We Are

Camp Purple Tree is a camping programme established in July 2016 by Gina Barrow who spent several years working at residential camps in the US. It's mission is to build character, inspire creativity and teamwork while challenging campers to be the best they can be. At Camp Purple Tree we embrace the concept of learning through play. Through play activities, children are able to develop their social and cognitive skills, gain self-confidence and mature emotionally.

Our Programme

We believe that camping should have a positive impact on a child's development, and our programme provides several  opportunities for a child to grow:

Spiritually, through daily camp devotions and lessons which focus on Christian living.

Physically, through a variety of group play activities.

Sociallythrough a well rounded, structured programme of camp activities.

Educationally, through programme areas that develop new skills. i.e. arts & crafts, culinary arts, sign language, recreation etc.​

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